Cafe Del Tiemo Nasıl Yapılır?

Many people are familiar with Vietnamese iced coffee, a delicious concoction that uses sweetened condensed milk to add creaminess and sweetness to the black coffee. In Spain, there is a similar beverage called Café del Tiempo — which translates literally as “Summer Weather Coffee”. It is also known sometimes as Café con Hielo, which translates to “Coffee with Ice”.

The coffee is served in a small cup and an empty small glass with ices cubes. Sugar or condensed milk is added in the small cup while the coffee is still hot, and then the coffee is poured in the small glass with ices. When the coffee is cooled, the remaining ice is removed with the help of a spoon.

Try adding a splash of Spanish flavor to some of your favorite Organo Gold coffee drinks, and let us know your favorite ideas/tips! We can publish them here in the OG Treasures blog!

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